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Computer Business that has been in existence for 11 years serving the Big Rapids, MI
and the surrounding area.

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I can help you fix your computer

Each client has their own computer needs. My goal is to help you identify your needs in repairing your existing system or help you in purchasing a new system for yourself, your family, or business. If I cannot fix it, I won't charge you.

This is how I operate when I work on your computers.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men. Know that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.   Colossians 3:23-24

My Special Offer

10% Off Senior Citizens and Veterans

I'll help you fix your computer And software

Computer Repairs or Website Design, I can help you get moving again.

Design a Website

Beautiful & Elegant

Digitize your VCR or Audio Tapes

Save your Memories

Learn to fix a computer

I'll teach you to fix your computer, really it's not that hard.

Update your Computer

Make it look good.

Hours of Operation

Monday--9 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Tuesday--9 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Wednesday--9 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Thursday--9 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Friday--9 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Saturday--9 A.M. to 12 P.M.


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Want to learn a few skills or tips, I can help.

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Computer Quotes

Update your PC now! Emergency patch fixes ‘PrintNightmare’ flaw
Kim Kamando

Hackers are the bane of just about everyone’s existence. It seems like every time we find a way to stop them from stealing our information, they find another clever way to break into our computers and wreak havoc.

We saw this not too long ago, with the pipeline ransomware disaster. Unfortunately, another critical error allowing hackers to enter our computer systems has popped up.

Dubbed PrintNightmare, this critical flaw is now being used by hackers to break into Windows computers and cause a bevy of problems. Read on for details of this nasty vulnerability and how to get a quick fix.... Read More


21 million free VPN users’ data exposed

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We now take Credit Cards: Mastercard, Visa, Discovery, American Express

Reasonable prices for my customers
Computer Repair


I will work on and repair many types of computers from laptops to desktops. I will repair and/or install or reinstall software. If possible, I will repair your Mac Computer. Their computers are proprietary and parts are sometimes hard to come by. Hard drives can be changed. If I cannot fix your MAC,  I will help in isolating issues from a software or hardware standpoint.

Virus Removal


From time to time computers will “get sick”. I can help you remove virus’ and Mal-ware that infects your computer. I will also do a “tune up” on your computer which includes removing unwanted files and old programs.

Install Software


Most software is fairly easy to install. If you want me to install your software. I can do that and then show you how to you it if you so desire.

Repair Software


Software generally is easy to fix by reintalling the program.  I will show you how to do that at no charge. There may be times that the operating system needs to be repaired or other parts of the system and I can do that for you.

Computer Installation


If you are looking for a new computer, I can give you advice as to what kind will suit your needs. I will also setup a new computer for you. Bring your laptop or desktop to my workshop.

Computer Installation with Networking


I will come to your  home to set up your computer as well as get running on your network/wifi.

Transfer Audio/Video
to Digital

$50.00 single tape
$20 for additional

There may be a time when you want to have a VCR or audio tape transferred to digital-to a disk or your computer. I can do this. The caveat to this is it can take a long time depending on the amount of tapes or audio files.

Hacked Computer? 


I will clean and your computer to rid your computer of viruses and malware.  It may be that your computer  may have to be re-formatted do to the nature of the hack. Lenova.com has a good article concerning hacked computers here.

Data Recovery


Programs can be replaced.  Data cannot be replaced. I will recover your pictures, movies, documents if at all possible depending on the damage to the hard drive. Not 100% guaranteed, but I try very hard to get it done.

Computer Tune Up


Time to time your computer will slow down due to unnecessary broken links and unwanted software. The  tune up  on your computer will include removing unwanted files and old programs.

Wipe Hard Drive and Dispose


If you do not want your computer any longer, I will wipe out the hard drive of all information and dispose of your computer.

Senior, Law Enforcement & 
Military Pricing

Take 10% of final bill

For your wisdom and your service to your community and country.

Recover Flash Drives


Data back up on a flash drive is a good idea. However data can be lost or corupted on these devices as well. I can recover most data from flash/usb storage devices.

Consultation by Phone


Give me a call and I will help you with your computer/electronic issue.

Super 8 & 8 mm
to Digital(MPG4)


Keep your memories. Film can get old and brittle over time. I can digitize your film. Any extra film is negotiable. The quality is as good the film. However, some adjustment can be made.